My First AR-15 Walkthrough: Lower Construction

Parts were acquired, tools were assembled, research had been conducted, and my workspace was located. The preflight checklist was complete, it was time to actually begin.As prepared as I was, you’d think this was a huge undertaking somewhat akin to orbital rocketry, or deep sea exploration. Really, this whole process ended up feeling more like following directions on a Lego set, than truly “gunsmithing”. Though you want to make sure you’re paying attention, building an AR-15 is quite beginner-worthy.

While it doesn’t appear to truly matter where you start on the lower build, literally every guide I have seen so far begins with the magazine catch. I assume this to be rooted in the desire to have it adequately functioning so you can use a vice block to hold your lower for the remainder of construction. Again, this isn’t a bad idea. I’m going to look into it for further builds, but I managed to get through this entire run without one. It is a luxury rather than a necessity. The Spike’s Enhanced LPK comes with a milled aluminum mag catch button that comes without the drilled through hole found on most. This means that instead of simply screwing the catch into the button until it is flush, I inserted it until the screw bottomed out and backed it off until it aligned properly. Step 1: complete. I can get the hang of this.

Grippy and beautiful

Milled Magazine Release Button

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My First AR-15 Walkthrough: Tools of the Trade

With my parts acquired, it was time to dive in. My original plan was to create a video series that illustrated my freshly learned techniques with this, my very first build. This plan was…ambitious, to say the least. When it came time to build, I found myself plagued with A/V equipment failures. This was, of course, my first lengthy foray into detailed video production. Prior to this, I’ve only created a few short intro videos that have been uploaded to YouTube, and all of those were of a far less finicky nature. Unboxing a new flashlight, or quickly expounding a weaponlight’s shortcoming are insignificant next to creating a detailed instructional video for building a rifle. In the end, I found myself completing the build with only a fraction of the process successfully captured. Beyond that, I had another issue. You may have discovered it already, but remember, I was entirely naive about this concept only a few short months ago.

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My First AR-15 Walkthrough: Lower Parts Kit Intro

As I continue through this initial build, please remember that it is just that. My very first build. I’m taking you through this walkthrough not as an experienced builder, but as a first timer. I’m learning this right from scratch, and I’m hoping I can teach a few of you the same things with me. If you’re an experienced AR owner, please bear with me.

Once I had my AR Lower Receiver in hand, my research had begun. I had purchased what is known as a stripped receiver, meaning it did not contain any other parts at all. Simply a formed chunk of Aluminum. It obviously didn’t take me long to discover these necessary pins and springs are generally sold as a package deal called, appropriately, a Lower Parts Kit. Now these LPKs come in a number of flavors depending on what all you need included. If you want everything all at once from a single manufacturer, that’s obtained easily enough, if you’d rather get most of the generic pieces from one place, but would prefer a drop-in or otherwise specialty fire control group (trigger) or a more ergonomic grip, you can find LPKs without those specific portions.

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