Items for trade

I am starting a new AR build. This time, I’ve decided to go with a pistol, and though I don’t know exactly the specifics of the weapon I’ll end up with, I know I have procured a part or two that don’t line up with my ideal direction. Time for a classic game of barter and exchange.

The first and foremost item I have that isn’t needed is a Kaw Valley Precision XL linear compensator. I believe it to be threaded in 5/8×24 tpi designed for .45, .40, or 10mm barrels, so it won’t work directly with a standard 1/2×28 tpi without a thread adapter. It’s only rated for pistol calibers so I assume you run some risk of destroying it if you tried it on a centerfire rifle caliber barrel. It normally retails for ~$45 but it is technically a blem. There is a tiny spot of anodizing that has been rubbed off one side. Honestly, it’s no worse than you’d likely get if you ran one of our standard run’n’gun courses and bumped it on, well, anything.

Secondly, and a little less ugrently, I have a Kaw Valley Precision 7.5 oz. Stainless Steel heavy PCC buffer. This has the extra weight to increase the dwell time on a blowback operated pistol caliber AR. This one retails for ~$50 and is also technically a blem, though I’ll be darned if I know why. Probably some flaw in the laser engraving.

Beyond that, I have a few things I’m not super interested in trading, but I could be talked out of for the right deal. I have a Kaw Valley Precision 7″ Konza Rail that retails for ~$120, and a Sig Sauer SBX Pistol Stabilizing Brace that retails for ~$60. The rail is also a blem, while the Brace started life originally in Pink, before being quite permanently dyed black. I’m sure a deep enough scratch would reveal the pink again, though. I’m quite happy with those two pieces, but I’m listing them just in case someone happens to have something more valuable they would like to trade.

Also, as anyone who knows me can attest, I am always able to include a high quality flashlight in the trade negotiations. I have quite a few to choose from, ranging from $50 on up.

What am I looking to trade for? That’s easy. I have no idea. Primarily, I would suggest AR related to get me closer to my pistol, preferably in either .300BLK or 9mm, but really I’m not married to that idea. Secondarily, I would suggest at least firearm related, but for the right deals, I could be stretched beyond that. I’ll not shun any serious offers.

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