About Me

My name is Dave Wise. For the last several years, I’ve been writing reviews for premium and tactical flashlights over on Layman’s Flashlight Reviews. Over there I’ve developed a reputation for presenting clear and concise information, in an accessible manner. Just recently, I’ve purchased my very first AR-15 in the form of a stripped lower receiver. I figured, since I enjoy shooting so much, and I enjoy tinkering and making things with my hands, why not combine the two and build my own rifle from scratch?

Now, I am a true beginner. I haven’t even fired a .223 round before in my life. The closest I’ve come is the fact that I was a member of Troop 223 of the Boy Scouts of America, back too many years ago. I am going to need to learn absolutely everything about these rifles, from beginning to end. For my personality, this isn’t a daunting task at all. In fact, it’s right up my alley. I realize however, that maybe there are other beginners out there who aren’t as excited to go learn the ins and outs of the platform, but would still like the satisfaction that comes from truly doing it yourself. In that case, why not share my own research and experience? At the very least, it should serve as an entertaining example of what NOT to do, if all I manage is to fail spectacularly. In the event that I succeed however, perhaps I may have learned a trick or two along the way that I can pass on.

Though there will be a written component, this site will be primarily video. I intend to show you the installation of literally every single part, from the largest piece of hardware, to the smallest spring or pin. I also expect that I won’t get it right every single time, so there’s a good chance I’ll end up with some marring and blemishes, or at least a couple good stories by the end. I want to be completely transparent about those along the way so they can be learning experiences for more than just me. I will however be taking the story through from a box of parts, all the way to range testing. That way, you’ll know that by the end, something was done right, and it all works when it’s said and done.

The biggest obstacle here is the parts themselves. I am working from a limited budget and it will take me some time to accrue everything. This is why I’m looking for sponsors who would like to see this venture succeed. I’ve already found a couple of parts, but I’d like, if possible, to assemble all the pieces before getting started.

If you’d like to help get this site and this video series off the ground, please head over to my Contact Page to let me know how you can help. If, instead, you just want to check out the parts I’ll be using, and visit the sponsors who provided them, head on over to my First Build page and begin browsing.

Thanks, in advance, and I can’t wait to get started building such an iconic rifle. I hope to see you around.